Christmas Nail Design

A Christmas Nail Design You Might Want To Try For This Christmas                     


Do you hear that? the jingle bells are playing which means it’s Christmas time. So we can now get our Christmas  nail design on check.

I am going to share with you a Christmas tree nail design with some sparkles and gel Inspired by Nail Career Education. So let’s get to it.

With this design you’re going to need white gel polish any favorite brand of your choice is good. You are going to use a green polish like evergreen color or Christmas tree color and cute little multicolored sparkles (green, gold, blue and red would be good) to put on. This is to get a design like your Christmas balls or your Christmas ornaments that you put on a Christmas tree. You will be needing little tiny sparkles of course because we have such a small canvas.

To start you want to get your white gel on. You can check out Harmony Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish Or Elite99 Make sure to shake your white gel if it has been sitting for too long. It doesn’t hurt them or cause bubbles.

Harmony Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish

whenever you have a gel line, always try to use a flash cure to keep it in place. Most gel lines will claim the gel doesn’t move. Well gel moves. But it doesn’t move enough that you have to worry much. You just paint it on and cure it right away with a flash cure for 5 or 10 seconds.

It will hold whatever you’re trying to do in place. You can check out the New SensatioNail Gel Led Lamp for flash cure. You can cure as you go and do a final cure after you complete your fresh coat of your white gel.

For the design, you will then get like 4 to 5 drops (depending on your nail length) of the green.  It has to be on a straight line and not every where on your nail. That will make it very easy to form the shape of your Christmas tree. You also want to make sure the layer of the white gel is still wet. This is because you want the green and the white gel to blend together. Like light snow on your tree.

You also need a dotting tool with a very very tiny tip on the end handy. The dotting tool is what you will be needing to shape your Christmas tree. Now using the tiny edge of the dotting tool, you want to link your green dots to each other like forming the trunk of your tree.

You want to start from the bottom dot and at the top of each dot, use your tiny tip dotting tool to link each dot. At the top most dot to form the edge of your Christmas tree. At the sides of each dots, use your tiny tip dotting tool to swirl them out from both sides to form your branches. Do not do too much of it otherwise you will make a mess of it.

Christmas Nail Art

So once you get the design that you’re looking for you can put it into your gel light and do a flash cure. That is just to hold your design in there so it doesn’t move around while you are doing the other nails. If not you will come back to fine a mess and no longer the design you started with. So you just do a 5 to 10 second flash cure.

The reason why we do put the white down first is because when you put your green on there they are blended together with the white that’s already wet. Some times before you get to some snails, the white is still not wet for the green to blend with. No cause for alarm, you didn’t ruin anything. You might be a little slow as you practice. All you need to do is just to apply your white gel back again. Remember to flash cure it before applying your green tiny dots and make sure you follow the same procedure.

For the little sparkles, you can just take them and put them on a white piece of paper or back of it a lid or something. Somewhere where you can access them. So you can do this in a couple of ways. You could literally use your finger. This is because your fingers got some moisture on it. If you know your placement you could just place them as you want on your Christmas tree. This method might be a little faster and a little bit easier. And you can see that it will become your little ornaments on your Christmas tree.

Christmas Nail Design

For a more precise placement of your little sparkles, you get some clear polish on a glass. Then take the dotting tool that you had and deep the tiny tip in the little dot of clear polish you just placed on the table and pick your little sparkle and place on your nail. This method will take a little longer but much more precise and effective. So once you have finished putting all your Christmas trees on and all the sparkles, then make sure you put your gel coat on and then cure it.

Your christmas nail tree can be on just one finger or all your fingers depending on how you want it.

Hope you like this enjoy your lovely Christmas tree nail.

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