Fragrance of India

Fragrance of India

India is known for their unique way of producing the best incense. Their oldest source of information in making incense is a holy book called Vedas, specifically the Atharva-veda and the Rigveda. Incense burning has been a part of their tradition. It is also used in creating soothing and pleasing aromas as well as emitting medicinal properties. There are different materials that are used in incense making and they are classified according to five categories. The five categories are ether, which consist of fruits, water, which is represented by stems and branches, earth, which takes the form of roots, fire, which is depicted by flower, and the air, which is represented by the leaves.

There is also an existing classification of incense and they are categorized into two, the masala and the charcoal. Masala incense is made up of dry ingredients and the charcoal has some liquid additives for pleasing scents. The Masala incense has some  subgroups. The Durbars, which contains ingredients from the West and has very strong aroma. They are considerably slow-burning and they have solid and liquid perfumes. The Champas, a subgroup of durbars, has some natural ingredients that are found in India. These ingredients, also called as Halmaddi is a grey semi liquid substance that comes from the resin of the Ailanthus Malabarica tree. The third one, called the Dhoops, this has a extruded incense and has a core bamboo stick. Dhoops incense emits a lot of smoke when they are burned.

In this site, we sell incense sticks that you can use for meditation, or for creating a relaxed mood and ambience. You can also buy smokable incense sticks and used them in covering unpleasant smells and enhances the mood of the room. Each of these sticks can burn for up to  two hours and they can be reused after some time. These incense sticks are available in five scents namely: Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lavender, Patchouli and Rose.

Frankincense incense has a fragrance that emits a woody scent and it serves as a base for most perfumes. Sandalwood, has some woody scents and it is characterized by a bright and fresh aroma. The oil of the sandalwood is used in the cosmetic industry and it is very costly.  On the other hand, the lavender has a distinct smell that leaves a relaxed and calm ambience. Patchouli incense is made from  the patchouli, which is a member of the mint family and has heavy and strong scent. Commonly used in perfumes, the scent of this plant is described as strong, mossy, and musty. It is also used in fabrics and other textile products. Rose, is no doubt a fragrant flower and it is used for relaxation in aromatherapy. Rose incense incense is very hard to make since thousands of pounds of rose petals is needed to come up with one ounce of oil.

In this site, you can not only find incense, you can also buy other India handicraft products such as Pashmina handmade accessories.

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