How to Avoid Makeup Meltdown

Makeup Meltdown

Summer time can be a pain especially in Florida where the temperatures are usually somewhere around 100 degrees if not more. There have definitely been days in the months of June, July and August where our temperatures can be 111 to 112. It gives a melting feeling, just from one foot out the door. Most of the times air conditioning still can’t help to catch up with the heat. It makes it very challenging to keep a fresh look and avoiding a makeup meltdown in such weather conditions.

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Most of the time, during those really hot summer days you will find me wearing a full face of makeup. I am a self-proclaimed glam girl. I still go out for my day to day activities. Still go out with my girlfriends for girls nights. There are still days I feel like just glamming it up and I want to make sure that my makeup stays on all day.

Being that I have oily skin that makes it extra challenging. I’m going to share with you today my seven best tips for the most long wearing makeup ever. If you do all of these seven things your makeup will stay on from morning to night. No matter how much time you spend outdoors in the heat. no matter how much you sweat, You will be able to avoid a makeup meltdown

A full face of makeup in the heat and especially for people who live in real humid climates. I’m lucky because it’s not humid here. If you do live in one of those really hot and humid climates I totally totally get you on not wanting to wear any foundation or face makeup whatsoever. If that sounds like you, and you are not someone who is going to be putting a liquid foundation on your face in the summer, I can totally understand. You can possibly use some of the other tips or products that I recommend. Now you can start by;

Switching Up Your Skin CareNeutrogena Oil-Free Moisture

I will start by stating this is the time of the year we want to switch up our skincare. We may want to stay away fromĀ those heavier winter time cream to a lighter lotion or a gel cream. I have personally gone from the Estee Lauder dayware cream to the dayware lotion. Both of these have an SPF 15 which I feel is sufficient because my makeup also has an SPF in it. I also sometimes wear the Neutrogena oil-free that has an SPF 35. So switch up those creams to something lighter like a lotion or a gel cream


Phillip's Milk of MagnesiaUse Milk Of Magnesia As Your Primer

Yes milk of magnesia works awesome for helping to control oily and sweaty skin. I do recommend moving it into a clear container instead of having a big blue bottle on your vanity or in your bathroom. I just use a cotton ball and dabbing the milk of magnesia on to only my t-zone area. The triCK to using milk of magnesia successfully is to use a small amount. Some people who don’t think that milk of magnesia works are usually using way too much. But I say it is amazing. The milk of magnesia will leave a whitish cast but you can just apply makeup over it. If milk of magnesia isn’t your thing, you can use a traditional primer. I do like this one from Rimmel called stay matte.


Try To Use An Oil Free, Long Wearing Foundation.

This one might be pretty obvious but you want to be using an oil-free long-wearing liquid foundation. I use Estee Lauder Double Wear all year round but I find it necessary in the hot summer months. It gives me a flawless look all day long. I do notice when people think that this is a heavy thick ceiling foundation. But you just use a very small amount and then use a damp beauty blender to blend it out. You will get the coverage you’re looking for without the cakey or heavy feeling.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

Switch To A MORE Finely Milled Loose Powder

I personally love thisĀ  loose powder from Ben Nye it is so lightweight and oil absorbing. Some people set their Ben Nye Luxury Powdermakeup with dual powder foundations and that can be really cakey and heavy feeling in the summer. You want to stick to a loose powder that is just real silky finely milled. Not all powders are made the same way. You definitely want to find one that is really just light as air and just leave a veil over your skin. Not a heavy powdery look or feel.

Use A Cheek Stain

Now you might want to use a cheek stain. I have been loving this one by glossier. It is the cloud paint and shade dust. I absolutely love these cloud paints. They leave such a natural look to the cheek and they’re super long wearing. They don’t disappear on my oily skin and they work just fine over the powder. I know a lot of people think you’re not supposed to put any type of cream or stain over a powder, but because the Ben Nye powder is so light the cheek stain just works fine with it. It doesn’t make a mess it just goes on so smooth. I can’t say enough good things about this stain. There is another cheek stain which is also good, I can’t think of the name at the moment. stains are so natural and so much more long-wearing than powders or cream

Use A Waterproof Brow Product.

It is important to use a waterproof brow product. I highly recommend benefits new line of brow products. I am using a 12 hour brow pencil but they also have other products that will last up to 24 hours

Use A Setting Spray

And finally you want to be using a good setting spray. A lot of people believe that mac’s fix+ is a setting spray but it’s actually not. It is just good for hydration and refreshing the skin. It doesn’t do anything for locking your makeup in place. I like the one by Ofra but I have heard good things about the one from Kat Von D. I know the urban decay makes a couple good ones as well. So use a real setting spray especially if you are oily and prone to having makeup meltdown. so there you have my seven tips for keeping your makeup looking fresh and amazing all day long during the summer and avoiding makeup meltdown.

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