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Many of us can’t even imagine our self’s going without makeup. For me, I makeup to be my own kind of beautiful and home is where I find my makeup stash. We are all beauty queens but if we use makeup correctly it accentuate
our natural beauty. To get our makeup right, we will need to know the secrets that professional makeup artists swear by. So this is where the makeup tips and techniques comes in.

Once you’ve gone through these makeup tips, you will be able to add more value to your makeup.

A beautiful Brow Shape

There have been many written articles out there on how to show off our eye brows but let’s get back to the basics with a makeup technique every beginner should know. Creating the perfect shade everybody’s face is very unique. It is said that everyone’s eyebrow should have a distinctive shape.

Now a quick question for you. Have you always wondered where your brow should start and finish? where the arch should peak? well here’s a tip to take the guessing out of the way. Take a makeup brush or pencil and hold it
vertically against the side of your nose. Lining up with the inside corner of your eye. This will give you the perfect position for where your brow should start.

Using the same pencil or brush, keep it against the side of your nostril but angle it diagonally so that it goes across the pupil in your eye. This is where your brow should arch. That’s the topmost point.

And finally, angle the brush or pencil from the side of your nose across the outer edge of your eye. This is where your brow should end. Now you have the three main points to help you get the perfect eyebrow shape for your face.

The Perfect Brows

Once you know the ideal shape of your brow you’re going to need to create that shape yourself. Let’s face it, most of us aren’t born with ideal eyebrows. The first step might surprise you but it will make all the difference to the longevity of your brow makeup.

That special trick is primer. Primer isn’t just for your skin. It can really help stop your brow slipping off. Especially, if you need to do a lot of filling in.Makeup Tips

The next step is, you’re going to want to find the lower line and upper line of your brows. Do this by drawing a defined line with a brow pencil underneath the whole of your brow line. But only on the outer three-quarters
of the top brow line. Then use a clean mascara wand or the brush end of your brow pencil to bring the color up for your brows and to soften any harsh lines.

Use a stiff angled brush to add brow powder to the outer three-quarters of your brow. For the part of your brow nearest to your nose, just work the brush backward and forward without any more products to give a natural finish.

Lip liner Layering

There exist many make up mistakes but one of the most disturbing one is the clashing lip liner look. We’ve all seen it. This happens when somebody used a much darker lip liner and creates an obvious contrast between their lipstick
and liner.

We’ve also witnessed the over lined lip whereby somebody try to make their lips look bigger by using liner outside their natural palate. One thing you need to take note is to make sure your lip liner is working with your
natural beauty not against it.

First use a lip pencil that’s the same as your lipstick. Follow the natural contour of your lips to create a crisp outline. Sure you can line just outside your lips to make them look a little bit plumper. But only just then fill in the entire lip with a pencil to add a layer that will help your color last that much longer. You can then go ahead and apply your lipstick over the top, blot and repeat. If you’re wearing a nude lipstick, take a lip pencil that is one shade deeper than the lipstick. Otherwise the nude lipstick might blend into your skin and your lips won’t have any definitions.

Learn the layers of eye makeup

Eye LinerIf you always thought you should just sweep a load of eye shadow across your entire lid, then think again. There are so many aspects to apply an eye makeup. Starting at the top you’ve got your brow bone. Just underneath your eyebrow. This is where you should apply a highlighter. Like a shimmery pale shadow.

Next comes your crease. Which is where you can add some dimension by applying the dark shade into the eye socket. Under is your lid where your main eye shadow will sit. On the outermost corner, You can place deep shades of shadow or eyeliner in a v-shape for a striking edge or go with a c-shape for a softer finish.

You can use eyeliner to accentuate your upper lash line. Which runs along the edge of your upper eyelid where your lashes begin. As for the lower inner rim of your eye, this is the waterline. If you apply white eyeliner there
you’ll really open up your eyes and make them look bigger. To get the same effect, you’ll also want to apply a pale or shimmery color to the tear duct which is the inner corner of the eye. Use a dark eyeliner along the lower lash line to define your eyes.


Curling Your Lashes

Do you know what will really open up your eyes? having beautifully curled lashes will do the trick for you. Most of usEye Lash Curler don’t have these naturally but we can all fake it thanks to a handy little tool called an eyelash curler. If you’re a makeup newbie you might well be terrified by the look of the gadget. If you ever tried before and caught your eyelid inside it, you’re probably wary of using one. But it will make all the difference by making your eyes look that much bigger. You just need to know the correct technique.

You need to start off at the root of your lashes and gently press and hold the eyelash curler for about 10 seconds. Then place the curler in the middle of your lashes and repeat. Finally move the curler to the end of your lashes
and repeat. This will create a beautiful curve along the whole length of your lashes. Apply a coat of mascara after curling is complete.

Absolutely under no circumstances apply your mascara before you curl your lashes. They might stick to the curler, yanked out or even break off.


We can’t stress enough how important it is to blend your makeup. Harsh lines don’t do anybody’s face any favors. To do it right you’ll need a tool to help you. While some people swear by using their fingers to do their blending professional makeup artists are all about the beauty blender. You can use it to apply concealer, primer, foundation, tinted moisturizer, cream blush etc. The list is long.

You’ve probably seen those little egg-shaped sponges as they’re everywhere. But how do you use the applicator to put the right way? First, you wet the sponge until it’s completely saturated and then squeeze out the excess. Dab it in your makeup and bounce it to your skin. This light technique is stippling rather than rubbing. Use in a bouncing motion and your makeup will look much more subtle.

It also ensures even coverage, compared with the uneven pressure our fingers exert. Just make sure you regularly clean your Beauty blender to keep it working perfectly

The Blush Technique

BlushMatch your blush technique to your face shape. If there’s one makeup technique where a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, it’s blush. There are general guidelines for how to apply blush but your face shape should dictate the style you use. The way you wear your blush can make all the difference to the angles of your face.

For example if you’ve got a square shaped face you can balance out your strong jawline by placing your blush in rectangles across the tops of your cheeks. Sweeping out in a linear motion from your nose to your ears.

For those with long faces you can create some width by starting on the apples of your cheeks and sweeping up and out towards your temples. if you want to slim down a round face you can do this by creating triangular sections of blush. You’ll move your brush from the apples of your cheeks to your temple like with the long face, but rather than a curve you’ll use an angular motion.

Finally if you have an oval face you can simply apply blush to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion. Blending the edges.

Color correction.

It’s natural to think that you need to choose a flesh-colored concealer that best matches your skin tone. But when it comes to concealer it’s certainly not a case of “one look fits all”. Color correcting concealers will help neutralize the parts of your face that come off a bit too red or yellow or purple. You’ll want a green color correcting concealer to camouflage red and lavender to cancel out yellow. Use “orangey-pink” to conceal dark spots on dark skin tones or yellow if you have olive or tan skin. Pale pink conceals out blue-toned areas on fair skin, while peach does the same for medium skin tones.

As for when to apply a color corrector, it’s not the first thing that goes onto your face. You actually need to apply it after your foundation or tinted moisturizer. If you were to use a color corrector on a makeup-free face you’d need to use way more product. When it comes to how to apply it, you’re looking for a light touch. Remember you’re just covering up shadows not trying to completely cover a bruise.

Conceal dark circles the right way.

Does the skin under your eyes give away the fact that you haven’t had enough sleep? Those dark circles are a telltale sign that you’re not getting your beauty sleep. You probably already know the best way to cover them up is with some concealer. But did you know the correct way to apply it to get a subtle and effective finish?

Most of us use concealer in a crescent shape just underneath our eyes. And most of us, therefore, end up with obvious concealer lines across our faces which actually draws attention to our eye bags.

Avoid that raccoon eye look by applying concealer in a deep V shape that stretches all the way down the side of your nose. Rather than a little semicircle of concealers directly under your eyes. Think of a triangle shape or piece of pie shape. This will even out your cheekbones too.

Don’t forget to bring the concealer right up into the inner eye area. Your concealer should go right up to the lash line and then blend outwards to avoid a harsh edge.

Keep It Clean

Makeup BrushesOne of the most common mistakes we all make is ignoring the cleanliness of our makeup applicators. Once the product has built up in them they won’t work so well and you won’t look your best. They’ll also be breeding grounds
for bacteria. So it’s essential to keep your makeup brushes clean.

But did you know that just using soap or shampoo won’t remove all of the build-ups in your makeup tools? This is particularly the case for creamy products like foundation and eyeliner. To be sure you’re really removing all traces of the previous product, use waterproof eye makeup remover. Add several drops to the palm of your hands or into a cup. Then take your makeup brush and swirl it around in the solution. This will loosen old makeup.

Give your brush a good rinse under running water and then swirl your brush in a drop of face wash to get rid of the makeup remover and old makeup. Hold it under the tap and give it a final rinse and voila super clean brushes. If
you want to be even more thorough, you could use a fine-tooth comb to comb through the brush too


I hope these tips help you to achieve more when doing your makeup. Please, feel free to share your own ideas by dropping a comment.

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