Natural Nail Care Tips

Here is how you can do a natural nail care

Many of us love to keep things natural and stay beautiful as usual. When it comes to our nails, it is important to know how to prepare a natural nail and how to take care of your natural nails. I’m going to share with you some few great tips on how to be good with natural nail care. let’s get started…..

Sanitize Your Hands

First, you would want to wash your hands with a little scrub brush and some soap and water. It is always important to always wash your hands before you start working on your nails. Because, if you don’t wash your hands when you start working on your nails, all you’re going to do is spread all the germs that might be around over your fingers. So by washing them first helps prevent that.

Push Back The Cuticles

The next thing you would want to do when taking care of your nails is to push the cuticle back. There are two things you can do it with. A wooden cuticle pusher and you can also use a metal implement cuticle pusher.  If you look at some metal cuticle pusher, the opposite end is kind of the shape of our cuticles that might just fit right into your cuticle. If you use a metal implement you just want to be careful because it’s really easy to scrape and scratch the natural nail if you press too hard.

It’s effective because you can get in the corners with all these stuffs. But a wooden cuticle stick is much softer and much more gentle on the natural nail. After deciding with which cuticle pusher you would want to go with, you can start pushing gently.

Here is a misconception a lot of people go with by calling the area around the base of the finger the cuticle when in fact it’s called the Eponychium.

Scrape Out All The Dead Tissues

So when you push back the cuticle and Eponychium, you might see some white stuff sort of stuck on the finger. Nail Care TipsThat’s actually the stickiest tissue on the human body. With the sharp edge of your metal cuticle pusher, you can sort of scrape that off a little bit. The reason why that’s important for it to come off is because when it’s time for your polish application, it will interfere with the adhesion big-time. You don’t want that especially when we’re doing acrylic or nail enhancements. So the white tissue has to be removed so we can actually make the nail enhancement to adhere.

If the dead tissues are not properly removed, there is a good chance you’re going to get some lifting which is bad. Also, another reason why removing all the dead tissues is so important is because if there is a split,torn or crack around the Eponychium or the skin that covers the root of the nail, that can allow infection into the rest of the body.

You can also use a pair of nippers to cut around the Eponychium, near the old cuticle.  But you have to be careful not to cut the Eponychium to avoid any contamination to the fingers.

Also there is the Hyponychium which is the tender skin on the top edge of your finger, underneath your nails.

Hang Nails

For hangnails, if you push your cuticles back you will pretty much eliminate hangnails. The best time to push back your cuticles is when you just come out of the shower. Because that’s when it’s softened. You can as well use a cuticle softener which I mentioned in my nail care tips. You can just put a little bit of the cuticle softener on all cuticles and let it sit for a minute or two it will actually soften the cuticle which makes it much more easier to push back.

The reason why pushing back the cuticles is important too especially in a manicure, is to eliminate the hang nails, clean up the nail and if you’re putting polish on you really want a nice clean area. The nail then looks longer and more slimline and sleek. When you put the polish on you can make a really nice smooth.

Filing Your Nails

Filing NailsWhen it comes to filing the natural nail, you don’t want to use the coarse, or medium files. What you need is a nice fine soft file because the coarse will just rip your natural nail. Also, you just want to go one way and not back and forth. You can start from either direction but just go one way and it will help to keep your natural beautiful nails. And you just want to shape up your natural nail so they all look the same

Also here’s a little tip, everybody thinks that the oval is more of a natural shape when in fact it is not. Try to look at a new born baby’s nails and see how perfectly square the nails are. So that’s how natural nails are shaped.

Dealing With Ridgy Nails

It’s common for some people to have ridgy nails.  Some get such nails as they age and it becomes very tempting for somebody with ridgy nails to take a file and just file the surface and get rid of the ridges. You don’t want to do that. Because the high point of the ridge are as thick as what the nail should be. The low point is the thin point, so if you file all the thick ridges to match down the the low points and make it nice and smooth it will look beautiful but so thin. As it starts growing out it’ll split like crazy.

What you want to do is you want to get a ridge filler. The ridge filler is great to use. The ridge filler will settle in between those ridges and create a very very smooth look ready for polish. You don’t have to put a base coat on if you are using a ridge filler. You can apply base coat on if you are planning to use a strong color like a red or black or something that will stain the nail. Light colors do stain but you can use a base coat for strong colors.

So when you’re finishing your nail you can put a matte top coat or a matte top coat or a shiny top coat to keep the nails as natural-looking as possible.

There we go beautiful natural nail. You can as well check the nail care tips which will help you on taking care of your natural nails.

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