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10 Theater Makeup Tips You Might Want To Consider

Theater is focused on putting a story in acting, taking the audience to some where else during the period of the show. The appearance of the performer plays a pivotal role in other to show more value in solidifying the character or role play.

Theater makeup or stage makeup is a work of art which requires a great deal of practice, requires precision and experience. A perfect stage makeup needs to show sincerity and the character or role play, needs to be believable by the audience.

Stage MakeupBefore applying theater makeup, there are certain things you need to consider like the lighting effect. In my stage makeup insight, I talked about the lighting effects on your makeup and what colors to use considering the lighting effects. You should also consider the distance between the stage and the audience in other for your theater makeup to achieve its purpose. Also, you should be able to consider what the performance or play should achieve.

Also just on a side note, be sure to check with your studio for what kind of makeup they want you to do. Some studios have a preference about what kind of eye shadow they want. A lot of people have a specific color lipstick that they want you to use.

Now lets get started with all you need to do for the best theater makeup outcome.

First You Need To Clean Your Face.

You will have to thouroughly clean your face and in other to achieve a smooth and clean base for your makeup, you will have to use a quality moisturiser.

Applying A Foundation On A Fresh Clean Face

First you will want to get your hair out of the way by pulling it backward and up in a ponytail. Make sure you get all the hair off your face. For foundation you can use Ben Nye light Japanese by applying with a sponge. Remember work in downward motions when you’re putting on theater makeup.

The point for a foundation when doing a theater makeup is to make sure that you don’t look washed out on stage. You do want to use something a little bit darker or evens out your skin tone. Ben Nye light Japanese is a really great color for anywhere from fair skin tones to about like medium skin tones. You might want to go a little bit darker for medium to tan skin tones and then darker for obviously deeper skin tones.

Make sure to blend the foundation into your hairline and jawline so you wind up with a more natural smoothly blended finish.

Highlighting And Contouring.

You might want to add contour and definition to your face as stage lights can flatten the face. When contouring inMakeup brushes theatrical makeup, you don’t want to go too dark. A really great trick to see how far you can bring your contouring in, is the finger trick. You bend your index finger, Put it next to your ear, and only go that far in. If you bring it in too far and pass the outer edge of your eye rist, you are going to look sunk-in and indent. So just bring it in just little bit on the hollow of the cheek.

You might want to highlight facial features that stand out. Most especially the chin,T-zone and forehead. To easily achieve this, you can use a shade highlighter and a white highlighter. To add character and dimension to the face, especially when using darker foundation, it is important to contour the features of the face and lower cheekbone.

Set The Makeup

Now you would want to set the makeup. You will want to use a powder like the Ben Nye translucent powder. It comes in most starter kits for the student kits from Ben Nye. You just want to go ahead and Pat that all over using a blush brush especially on your forehead and your nose and cheeks. It will prevent your makeup to appear too shinny under the stage lights and gives a natural finish for your skin tone.

Apply Blush

You just want something that is going to enhance your cheekbones much more than like a natural color. Anything that’s bright but not necessarily red for fair skin tones. Something like a bronzy pink for tan skin tones and then something deep or like a red or a rich plum for deeper skin tones. This will further shape your face and more definition to your cheek.

Fill In Your Eyebrows.

It’s time to fill in your eyebrows. I always use the two dark shades from my Milan brow kit to help fill in and shape my eyebrows. This is an important step for stage makeup. Too light eyebrows can easily become invisible on stage. Once you’ve filled in your brows apply some brow gel to keep them in place while you’re sweating on stage.

Apply Eye Shadow

Once you’ve finished with your eyebrows it’s time to move on to your eyes. It’s very important to prime your eyes before applying any eye shadow especially for stage. You can apply the ELF eye primer all over your eye lids and blending it in with your fingers. Now blend a light brown eye shadow into your creases below your brow bones. Once you’ve blended that out apply a darker brown into the outer portion of your creases, concentrating it more into the outer corners of your eyes. Now take a gray eye shadow and blend it into your creases taking it down to slightly below the outer corners of your eyes.

Now blend a warm bronze color into the Centers of your eyelids and towards the inner corners of your eyes. Finish off by highlighting with a very light shimmery eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes and on your brow bones just beneath your eyebrows.

Apply Eyeliner

Once you’ve blended in all your eye shadow it’s time to move on to the eyeliner. Winged eyeliner is best for stage since it extends and accentuates the shape of the eyes. You can draw winged eyeliner on your top flash lines. For stage, make sure you use a thick black eyeliner.

A liquid eyeliner is the best and easiest to achieve the intense look on stage. To do a winged eyeliner, just line your upper lash line and extend the eyeliner upwards past where your lash line stops. The wings should curve upwards at the same angle as your lower lash line. For your bottom lash line you can use whatever kind of eyeliner you feel most comfortable with. It is somehow comfortable using a gel or powder eyeliner on the bottom lash line.


Once you’ve finished with your eyeliner take a small brush and apply a very concentrated line of dark brown eye shadow just above your creases. The line should be just high enough to show when you open your eyes all the way. Blend in the eye shadow and you’ll be left with a much more intense look perfect for the stage.

Fit In Your Eyelashes

Now it’s time for the fun part, false eyelashes. Apply a thin coating of eyelash glue to one of your false eyelashes, wait around 30 seconds for it to dry a bit and gently apply the eyelashes as close to your natural lash line as you can. The eyelash will be white at first but don’t worry it’ll dry clear.

If you have very sensitive eyes you can skip the false eyelashes and apply a few extra coats of mascara instead. once your eyelash glue is completely dried apply a thin coat of black mascara to both your upper and lower lashes. Make sure you use waterproof mascara or you’ll be a sweaty melted disaster by the end of the show.

Applying your Lipstick.

Now, you can go in with a bright red lipstick. This is going to make the lips pop from far away. But you must first line your mouth, to get the natural shape of your mouth. You don’t want to go too muted or too maroon because it can make the lips look smaller. Then you can go ahead and blot it at the end.

Remember, always do a once-over and a faraway mirror. You’re going to catch things that you wouldn’t ordinarily see. Also, it is important to always remove your makeup after your performance in other to save your pillowcase the trouble or any skin damage you might face for keeping makeup on for too long. You can also read my 5 Beauty Tips For Face, which will guide you on taking care of your skin before bed time.

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