Tips For A Long and Natural Healthy Hair.

How to Get A Long Natural Healthy Hair?

As we all know, our hair is the crown we never take off. As beauty queens, We need to protect our crown.  It will always feel good to keep a long natural healthy hair. Here are some tips on how to get a long natural healthy hair.

Always Using A wooden Brush Will Help A Long Natural Healthy Hair

A healthy hair secret weapon many people don’t know about is using a wooden brush. When you use a wooden brush, it absorbs your hairs natural oils and distributes these oils evenly and conditions your hair. Most importantly it also reduces static and breakage. A Wooden brush is just the perfect tool if you’re trying to grow long healthy hair. Wooden brushes also massage acupressure points on your head. This is great for stimulating circulation to the scalp which promotes healthy hair growth. Every time you use a wooden brush, it feels like getting a scalp massage.

Oiling Your Hair

Oiling your hair is one of the best ways that you can condition your hair. It keeps your hair hydrated, soft and shiny. There are so many oils that you can use for your hair. Some of my personal favorites are argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil (is really good if you have thin hair because it’s really light) avocado oil, just to name a few. You can use any oil of your choice. But you just want to make sure the oil is unrefined, cold-pressed preferably and organic.

Adding Essential Oils To your hair Oil Will Ensure A Long Natural Healthy Hair

Also it is good to add in some essential oils or some neem oil to strengthen your hair oil. Rosemary essential oil is really good for stimulating circulation to the scalp. It makes your hair so soft and really promotes healthy hair growth. With the neem oil, neem is amazing for growing strong healthy hair. You can just mix your hair oil, with a few drops of rosemary essential oil and neem oil in a bowl and apply to the hair.

There are two ways you can oil your hair.

You can either just coat your hair with the oil of your choice, and then just leave it in your hair for a few hours or even overnight. You can then shampoo it out. The other way you can oil your hair is by doing a gradual oiling. To be honest, this is what I’ve been doing lately. I think it’s really perfect for the winter time. What you basically need to do is just put a little bit of oil through the ends of your hair every single day. Just the smallest amount so your hair doesn’t look greasy. You can keep doing a gradual oiling every single day until you shower. This will keep your hair always nourished.

Also when you’re oiling your hair, it’s the perfect time to give yourself a scalp massage. A scalp massage promotes healthy hair because it stimulates the circulation to your scalp. It also helps you relax and relieve stress.

Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Rinses

So now it’s time to talk about Shampoo and Conditioner. Believe it or not, you can read the label of your bottle of shampoo and it may sound like the most amazing spectacular shampoo ever. How it’s going to make your hair grow up healthy, shiny, soft and beautiful. Well, sorry to say some are just mainly marketing. What you really want to be doing is looking at the back of the bottle and checking out the ingredient list. I would look for something that doesn’t have things like sulfates, fragrances, etc Chemicals that are going to strip your hair and which is not good for your health. You want to use natural and organic products for your hair.

Using A Shower Filter Is Important

Also, you can also use a shower filter in other to get the best water possible for your hair. You can also try to shampoo your hair every 4 to 6 days. You will notice that the longer you go without shampooing the more your hair balances out. Your hair’s oils kind of act as conditioners. It’s good not to be stripping them out of your hair every single day. It is also highly recommend to do hair rinses. There are two hair rinses you can do. One is an apple cider vinegar rinse.  You can just put a little bit of apple cider vinegar in a cup, around 2-3 tablespoons. Then fill the cup up with water and then just dump that over your head after you are finished with shampooing and conditioning. You can just leave that in your hair. It leaves your hair so soft and shiny.

The second rinse is the rosemary hair rinse. Rosemary is just amazing for growing long healthy hair. You can just basically take some fresh rosemary and simmer it in a pot with some water. Once cools down just dump it over your head and it leaves your hair so soft and shiny and it smells so amazing. Hair rinses can really make a big difference on your hair. A lot of people swear by the “no-poo method” where by you wash your hair with baking soda and then condition it with apple cider vinegar. Many people do that sometimes more as a clarifying treatment. But I really prefer just using a shampoo and conditioner. It is a really cheap way to shampoo and condition your hair and it does make your hair feel really nice.

Avoid The Heat

This tip is probably the hardest tip for a lot of people but that is just cut down on the amount of heat you’re using in your hair. You don’t have to do this forever you can just try and limit your use of straighteners. If you use a straightener every day maybe just try and straighten it only once a week. You just really want to give your hair a break and allow it to become healthy again. Try to reduce the amount of heat that you use in your hair for a while and I guarantee, you will see a huge improvement with your hair

Damage Proof and Protective Hair Style.

Damage proof hairstyles is really important when it comes to growing long healthy hair. For me my favorite protective hairstyle is just putting my hair in a side braid. I just find that it keeps my hair protected, prevents it from getting matted. It is also good to take a protective hairstyle to bed. This will help to avoid your hair being matted, poffy and dry.

You can either twist your hair into a bun and then secure it at the front of your head with a big clip before going to bed. Another protective hair style and the next morning you will wake up with the perfect waves in your hair. So it’s kind of like a heatless way to style your hair. or else I will sleep with my hair in a braid and then secure it with a scrunchie. A scrunchie is good because sometimes an elastic will break your hair but a scrunchie is soft and gentle and it won’t cause any breakage.

Eat Healthy

I am a firm believer in eating a healthy Whole Food diet and I also really believe that you are what you eat and if you eat beautiful nourishing foods it’ll just shine through and you will look beautiful on the outside. so I definitely think that food plays a huge role in having healthy hair. I love starting my day off with a green drink every day. It gives me those minerals it’s detoxifying and I just feel like it’s the most beautiful elixir in the world. Just eat real food.

I could recommend one supplement for hair it would probably be MSM powder MSM is an organic sulfur compound that benefits our skin hair nails and joints. Due to its collagen building properties it’s also a wonderful anti-inflammatory and great for detoxifying the body. I will mention that there are huge quality differences in MSM supplements so always look for a non petroleum derived MSM. You can use it both internally and externally.

Another little tip that I still recommend is just to get some little trimming shears. Just little scissors to cut your hair and just go through your hair whenever you’re bored and find those little split ends and just give them a little snip off. So you don’t have to go to the hairdresser as often you know that is my little trick so those are my tips to achieving long natural healthy hair. You can read my post on essential hair care routines for a healthier hair for more insides oh how to take care of our natural hair.

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