Amazing Tips To Waterproof Your Makeup

If you are living somewhere with a very humid climate, sometimes you can feel like your makeup is melting off your face. You wouldn’t even want to think about taking a dive in a pool or going out for a swim. I used to live in Florida and it was so humid you could practically drink the air which means we need our makeup to be bulletproof. Well I will guide you on how you can waterproof your makeup and you can go for a swim without any fear of a makeup meltdown. You can stay in the pool all day and your make up will still be flawless.

Prime Your Face.

First step to waterproofing your makeup is to prime your face. You can use benefits stay flawless 15-hour primer. It will help control oil and the primer will help the makeup grab onto something and stays on longer.

Benefit Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer

Set A Foundation

Try to use a good and unique foundation. I found this Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enhancer which is very good for foundation. It does not only covers everything I can think of but it’s potent. A little goes a long way. All you need is to dab a little on your face. You want to be selective in what you’re trying to conceal because the last thing you want is to cake up your face. Remember, your skin still needs to breathe.

Kevyn Auco The Sensual Skin Enhancer

Anastasia Brow Wiz - Soft BrownYour Eye Brows

Now is the time for your brows. Try and find a brow pencil that contains wax . You can use the Makeup Forever Waterproof Eye Brow Corrector. Use a brush to fill in any empty spaces and when it dries, it’ll stay on put and won’t budge. Wax-based brow products will stay on longer even with moisture and whatever brow product that you have left over, you can use it as contour by just running it along the sides of your nose to create an illusion of a taller nose.

Lancome Brow Expert Modele SourcilsMakeup Forever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

Your Eye Makeup

For eye makeup, if you’re planning on wearing a lot of eye shadow, use an eye primer. Your eye shadow will thank you later. You can use Not only will this prevent creasing on the lids but your eye shadow pigment can now grip onto your lids better.

Stila Prime Pot

If you’re going to use an eyeliner, stick with one that has a waterproof formula waterproof pencils like Urban Decay, Make Up For Ever and NYX contains wax based ingredients like microcrystalline wax. Waxes are insoluble to water making it water resistant. Which is why a lot of waterproof eyeliners contain wax.

If you’re looking for a vegan option look for an eyeliner that’s made out of synthetic wax waterproof gel or cream based. Eyeliner can double up as eye shadow all you need is a blending brush to buff it in place.

However, if you prefer your powder eye makeup you want to make sure that your lids are primed. Waterproof liquid liners can usually outlast all other eyeliners. You can use the 24 Hour Eyeliner Injection.

If you don’t like using liquid eyeliner, try coating an eyeliner sealer over your makeup. It will seal and protect your eyeliner and prevent smudging and fading.Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara

You can now curl to prep your eye lashes and apply waterproof mascara. A lot of waterproof mascaras contain wax which can help hold a curl longer and better. If you can’t say no to fake lashes, I recommend using a waterproof lash adhesive. One that’s odor and latex free. Just apply a thin strip on the top part of the lashes and place them as close to the lash line as possible. Build up your lashes just wait for it to dry and you should be good to go.


If you need some color on your cheeks look for one that can stand up to water like this cargo water-resistant blush. Don’t overdo it on blush because you don’t want to look like you’ve been cooked. Your face is going to get red anyways because of the Sun. For a more natural finish try Bene tint lip and cheek stain. You don’t need much just a little bit and dab on your cheeks and quickly blend before it dries.Cargo Water Resistant Blush

Your Lips

Protect your lips with SPF lip balm or lip gloss. I would avoid lip gloss if you’re soaking up in the Sun. stick with mineral powder makeup because most of them are water-resistant but if you’re going to be by the pool or Beach don’t really need face powder because your skin should look dewy.bareMinerals READY SPF 15 Touch Up

Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup FinishSetting Spray

Finally the last step a setting spray. This is like a top coat on your face that will seal everything in.


Now your makeup is waterproof, humidity proof and practically bulletproof. Now you can have a great time at the pool or beach without any fear of a makeup meltdown. You can now swim on your first date with your makeup on.

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