Winter Nail Care Routine

Winter Nail Care Tips

Winter Nail Care Tips

It’s winter time again. That time of the year our nails also face some difficult challenges due to the weather. I’m going to share with you some winter nail care routine. During the winter, I am sure you will notice your cuticles are super dry because that is very typical of winter nails.

This is because the weather is so dry and it is so windy and it is so cold. It’s a very very simple routine, but I just want to share with you more about why certain things happen to your nails during the winter and what you can do to take care of them.

To begin with the first step and the most important one is to keep your nails shorter in the winter. You can use a nail clipper to keep your nails short. You want to be careful when you use nail clippers on your nails during the winter period. In the wintertime the cold winter air does dehydrate your nails significantly and when that happens your nails become really dry and really hard.

Naturally, our nails are supposed to be a little flexible.

But in the wintertime, our nails are not as flexible because they are so dry. When you have cold air blowing through your nails all day it is stripping your nails of that moisture.

You don’t have to cut too much off and when your nails are kind of harder and drier your nails tend to kind of snap. Sometimes, when we cut our nails, they kind of stays on the clippers and you can continue and go all the way but when they’re dehydrated in the winter time they will just snap. Be very careful when you’re clipping your nails just go a little bit at a time. You can then file off the rest later to get a smooth tip.

Also, you can try to cut off your nails after you shower or stip your nails in warm warter for some few minutes before using the clipper on them.

For filing your nails, many might disagree with how filing can be done or what to use to file them. There’s a lot of different opinions out there like on blast files and syllable files. Not sawing back and forth, but going in one direction. You can use which best work for you.

Filing Nails

On all of that generally, it’s good to use a glass file and to just file in one direction. You can also use disposable nail files. They work really well but again everybody’s nails are different and you want to see what works best

The number one and most important thing for a winter winter nail care is to hydrate your nails. As mentioned earlier the cold air of winter is dripping your nails of any moisture so you need to replenish it. You want your nails to stay nice and flexible and bendy and not really stiff and really hard because then they will just snap right off.

Another thing you’re going to notice the skin around your nails and your cuticles are going to be significantly more dry in the wintertime. You need to replenish the moisture not just in your nails but also on the skin surrounding your nails. It is very important to get a simply pure cuticle oil pen. Which is perfect for on-the-go as you can throw it in your purse.

This is because, you will have to carry on the routine several times in a day in other to hydrate your nails and keeping them moist. You can have a drop of oil on each nail and gently rub on your nails and cuticle. You can always try to push your cuticles down a little bit to kind of keep them at bay and for the oil to penetrate in a way to keep the moisture.

Try to have some oil on your Hyponychium which is the tender skin at the top edge of your finger, the point where your nail meets your finger underneath your nail. You can hydrate that part as well. If you have a little extra you can take it down a little bit more and just to give your fingers a little bit of extra hydration. Try to make sure that you let this sit before you wash your hands or before you do anything.

You want to just let your nails soak up all that oil, get nice, hydrated and moisturized.  Let the oil soak in for about 30-40 minutes.

You want to make sure that you keep applying the oil throughout the day. Whether it’s with a cuticle oil pen or cuticle cream or what you have at your disposal.  Because, eventually your nails and skin is going to get dry again as long as it is winter. You can use the Yes To Coconut Hand and Cuticle Cream

Yes to coconut hand and cuticle cream

Cuticle oil is going to be one of the easiest ways to maintain the strength of your nails. It will also help them get stronger and hydrated for a better nail care. So you want to make sure you are applying cuticle oil throughout the day and not just once a day.

Hand and Nail careAnother thing you want to make sure you’re doing for a winter nail care is applying hand lotion. You can check out a good hand lotion that works best for you. Any hand cream will do if you have one that you already like.

But you want to make sure that you are reapplying the hand cream through out the day as well.  A hand cream is also a good way to kind of moisturize your nails without an oil. You can just put it all over your hand. Take it onto your nails and kind of rub it around and keep your nails moisturize that way.

You can see, the process is not very difficult and it’s easy to practice. I really hope this helped you if you have any other questions please feel free to leave a comment on your winter nail care. You can read more on the post for natural nail care and nail care tips you can try at home for more info on having the best nails

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